Asanté is approachable, realistic, open, and caring. We’re not worried about being like our competitors – we’re Asanté – which means Thank you in Swahili.


What we offer candidates

Asanté Recruitment offers opportunities to work locally or abroad with your like minded peers. Working in a foreign country seems scary and difficult to pull off – but that’s where we come in. Remember the refined no frills process we mentioned?

Our candidate onboarding and support is refined and straightforward – we help people navigate complicated systems and focus on the person behind the CV. You arrive with the correct documents at a local screening event, and if successful, we take care of the rest! 

We assist with the necessary local documentation, visas, and compliance to get you there. For some positions you’ll have lodging, meals, uniforms, and transport taken care of.

But, we’d need a few things from you to get the process started:

  • A PDF of your CV
  • Copies of your Passport
  • Copies of your Police clearance 
  • For some positions attend local interview/screening

What we offer clients

At Asanté our candidate sourcing footprint now extends to include nationalities from:

    • South Africa and neighbouring African countries
    • Select European countries 
    • Asia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia

Our aim is to deliver enthusiastic, reliable, qualified, and communicative candidates by working in tandem with detailed client requirements, thereby ensuring the best possible retention rates.

We pride ourselves in consistent communication, maintaining professionalism, and retaining a personal touch.