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Our Doha based client requires an experienced luxury yacht fleet manager to oversee the maintenance and management of  their luxury yacht fleet based in the Maldives.

The role is tasked with overseeing the company’s fleet of yachts, ensuring that each vessel is maintained at optimal levels and utilized efficiently and cost-effectively to fulfill operational needs.

This involves managing a robust yacht maintenance program, aiming to extend the lifespan of the yacht fleet by ensuring safe operations, timely repairs, and contributing to the evaluation and maintenance of manpower, equipment, and yacht allocation for enhanced fleet operations efficiency.

Role specific responsibilities:

  • Oversee, manage and remain accountable for the comprehensive maintenance program for the yacht fleet, ensuring that all vessels are well-maintained and comply with safety standards.
  • Oversee the proper functioning and maintenance of equipment associated with the yacht fleet, ensuring they meet performance standards, minimize downtime, contributing to the longevity and reliability of the fleet.
  • Directs the fleet management strategy that supports the company’s operational requirements and values, and that ensures the efficient and cost-effective use of the yachts.
  • Manage budgets, including operational costs, maintenance expenses, and procurement of new vessels or upgrades. 
  • Ensure optimal and cost-effective use of yachts to meet the company’s operational requirements, regulatory and legal compliance, maximizing efficiency in yacht deployment.
  • Enforce and uphold safety protocols and emergency response plans, to ensure the secure operation of all yachts, minimizing risks and promoting a safe working environment.
  • Assist in evaluating and maintaining effective allocation of manpower, optimizing the workforce for efficient fleet operations.
  • Collaborate with customer service and sales teams to support high-quality customer experiences, including scheduling, customization of trips, and special requests. 
  • Work towards increasing the overall efficiency of fleet operations by implementing streamlined processes and best practices.
  • Lead, train, and develop a team of captains, crew members, and maintenance staff, promoting a culture of safety and excellence.
  • Maintain strong relationships with suppliers, repair and maintenance facilities, and other service providers, and act as the main point of contact for all yacht-related issues.
  • Establishes a strong network of industry contacts for market visibility. 
  • Maintains complete inventory system through recording of all expenditures of each yacht maintenance equipment, repair parts and supplies.

Qualifications and experience:

  • A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as Maritime Management, Marine Engineering, Naval Architecture, or other related discipline 
  • Minimum 8 years’ experience in the industry of which at least 2 in a similar position.

Excellent salary and benefits package on offer including deployment flights, work visa etc.


Please note: If we haven’t contacted you after 2 weeks consider your application unsuccessful. 





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